Hikiyama Float-Pulling Ritual at Johana Shinmei-miya Shrine Festival
This festival is held annually on May 4th (smaller nighttime festival) and 5th (main festival) at Johana Shinmei-miya Shrine, lighting up the springtime Etchu's little Kyoto, Johana. The festival opens with lion dancers and swords to clear away any evil spirits to make way for the sacred kasaboko floats (with both an umbrella and lance) to pass through. Next come the iori yatai floats, providing the atmosphere with the iori music of the musicians riding on the floats, continuing the hikiyama float-pulling ritual with the traditions of Ohara Jigoemon lacquerwork. In the evening, you'll see different festival scenery from the daytime festivities with a display of paper lanterns. Festival-goers also can't miss the nighttime festivities of the night before, during which visitors can see the 6 dwellings prepared for the gods.

Festival Highlights


Kazariyama Decorated Floats

During the Yoi-sai nighttime festivities, floats decorated to meet the gods will be put on display.
The "goshintai," an object believed to house the spirit of a god which is carried in the pulled floats will be placed in a "yama-juku" dwelling for decoration.
The home chosen to be a "yama-juku" changes every year.
These floats will be available for visitors to see at homes in each of the 6 neighborhoods which puts out a float during the festival.
The pullable floats and iori yatai floats look beautiful all lit-up, and you'll be able to get a better look at them here before the procession begins.


Hikiyama Float-Pulling and Itori Yatai Floats

With the "goshintai," the spirit of the deity placed on it, and the harmony between its engravings and lacquerwork, the hikiyama pullable floats look resplendent. Atop the iori yatai floats, flutes, drums, and shamisen will be played to perform Johana's unique irori music.
The whole spectacle is highlighted by the portable shrines and "kasaboko" floats.
All of the processions of iori yatai and pullable floats are incredible sights.


Paper Lantern Procession and Return of the Floats

At night, when the lanterns come out, the festival will look very different.
A quiet lantern procession will be held, marching and performing iori music at requested locations.
The procession's final street will led to Nanto's Nanto City Hall Johana Government Building, for an incredible display of the floats turning 180 degrees.
Afterwards, each of the hikiyama and iori yatai floats will quietly return to their respective home neighborhoods.

Johana Hikiyama Exhibition Hall


Exhibition Hall Information

Entrance Fee General 520 yen
University/High School Students 310 yen
Middle School Students & Under Free
Business Hours 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Closing Days December 29th - January 3rd
Tel +81-763-62-2165
Note -

A glance at one of Johana's beautiful hikiyama floats is such to capture your heart. One such stately hikiyama float is displayed in the Johana Exhibition Hall's spacious interior for visitor's to admire, stately and exquisitely patterned with the traditional, sophisticated techniques of Johana lacquerware.
The lighting in the hall changes every few minutes, simulating both the daytime and nighttime festivities for visitors to the slightly melancholy sound of iori music.
A video of the hikyama floating-pulling at the festival plays in the lobby, so that visitors can experience a bit of the festival at any time.


From Fukumitsu IC

By Car(5m)

3 minutes by car from Fukumitsu IC

*Times are estimated

From Takaoka Station

By Train

Move by train from Takaoka Station

*Times are estimated

Festival Overview

Festival Period May 4th & 5th
Festival Times May 4th (Nighttime festivities)
May 5th (Main festival)
9:00 a.m. - around 11:00 p.m. (Beginning on the evening of the 4th)
Venue Name Throughout the Johana area
Address Johana, Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture
See details here

Cautionary Notes

In the event of light rain, the hikiyama floats will process covered with rain covers. In the event of foul weather, the parade will be suspended.

Regarding Nearby Traffic Restrictions, etc.

Cars will not be allowed into the center of town. Special parking areas will be made available, so please use these. A guide will be stationed in each location, so please ask.

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